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It is, unfortunately, time for me to bring Avalon to a close. It has been on indefinite hiatus for a very long time, during which I had hoped to try some other webcomic projects. But, basically, my life has changed since six years ago, and what used to be the greatest thing in the world is now a burden.

I'm pretty much going to let go of creating webcomics for now, which stinks, because I still have dozens of ideas which have yet to see life. I'm not going to stop drawing -- if I want to make it in print, I'm going to have to improve somehow -- and maybe down the road things will change.

But for now, we come back to me ending Avalon. I have kept the remaining story a total secret as a motivator, such that I'd have to eventually draw it all if I ever wanted the conclusion to happen. But that obviously hasn't worked. Therefore, I've written up the conclusion, which you will find by clicking here (yes, it's really lame in condensed text format, and would've been infinitely better as actual strips). I realize that giving away the story now seals Avalon's coffin for good, but I can't keep it hidden away any longer.

I really appreciate the community I was a part of during Avalon's time. It started as a proof-of-concept and a way to put off schoolwork, and ended up connecting me to people around the world, several of whom I am still very good friends with. I've also had the privelege of being amongst so many brilliant and creative authors, and if I can't manage to weasel my way back in from time to time, that may be the community I miss the most.

For a while, Avalon was my life; but it's clear my life is different now, and I really need to find a new definition. Wish me luck.


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